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One of the world's biggest challenges of the 21st century is the creation of a circular, carbon-neutral economy.

The "greening" of traditional energy production and transport and the renewal of technologies involving the emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are extremely important tasks. Recognizing this in time Hungary was one of the first in Europe to develop the National Battery Industry Strategy 2030 document, which was accepted by the Hungarian Government in December 2021.

The Hungarian Battery Association (HUBA) was founded with the support of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology. On July 1, 2021, the founding meeting of the Hungarian Battery Association took place with the participation of more than seventy companies. The establishment of the Hungarian Battery Association was the first significant step towards the realization of the strategic objectives of the domestic battery industry. With the cooperation of a significant number of actors who showed interest in the activities of the platform, the association began its operation, the working groups were formed and began their professional activities.

The aim of the association is to represent the interests of companies operating in the Hungarian battery industry value chain to promote the development and European integration of the Hungarian battery industry. Participates in the implementation of the National Battery Industry Strategy 2030 by ensuring professional cooperation between the companies operating in the battery industry value chain and the governmental and institutional bodies responsible for the implementation of the Strategy.
The formation of the association was an important step in terms of joining the European Battery Alliance, which cooperation can open a new perspective for Hungarian battery industry players.

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