EHS working group


The tasks of the "Environmental Protection, Health and Safety" (EHS) Working Group of the Hungarian Battery Association include detecting, assessing and continuously collecting information on environmental, safety and health risks related to the production, application, and recycling of modern electrochemical energy storage systems (especially batteries), as well as formulating proposals for the prevention and elimination of extraordinary events. An important activity is to facilitate the exchange of information between the members of the Working Group and the Hungarian Battery Association, especially regarding the dissemination of experiences and good practices among domestic players in the battery value chain. Another task is to assess and register the relevant competencies existing among the Members, to search for possible cooperation partners, and the professional cooperation with governmental and institutional decision-making organizations participating in the implementation of the Hungarian Battery Industry Strategy. Since the safety, health and environmental problems arising from the use of modern batteries can be solved along the lines of the "detection – monitoring – clean-up" task sequence, the Working Group initiates and supports the establishment of a national monitoring system that continuously monitors and examines the appearance of hazardous substances from temporary energy storage systems in the environment throughout the country, including the establishment of laboratory infrastructure enabling the environmental assessment of substances present in batteries and those generated during use that are potentially harmful to the environment and/or health. In addition, we consider it a priority to inform the public objectively and responsibly about the environmental, safety and health risks associated with the production, use and recycling of batteries.


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