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HUBA's  emobility working group on emobility was re-established on 1 July 2023, since then it has been led by Tamás Tóth-Báló. The working group is constantly expanding, and by the beginning of 2024 it has more than fifteen members and it is active in a number of areas:

- HUBA's first official position paper was drafted and published in connection with the Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR), and was prepared by the emobility working group

- HUBA became a member of the European Association for Emobility, AVERE, on the working group initiative

- regular monthly working group meetings are organised with international lectures/presentations, through which members can gain insight into good practices abroad, formulate opinions e.g. on preparatory work for EU level legislation

- From 2024, the emobility working group has started preparing for EU Horizon calls, 2 proposals were prepared and submitted in Q1 2024

- From 2024 onwards, the Hungarian Battery Day will be complemented by an emobility professional day, the programme of which will be the responsibility of the emobility working group.


HUBA's Emobility Working Group welcomes applications from HUBA members or prospective members who wish to

- receive first-hand information on legislation affecting the emobility industry,

- shape the industry with their opinions,

- participate in international exhibitions, conferences and fairs under favourable conditions thanks to AVERE membership,

- participate in EU tenders together with other HUBA members and other international partners. 


To apply for membership, please send an email to the working group leader at toth-balo.tamas@hu-ba.hu.


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